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EMA Electronic

Name:EMA Electronic


Brand Introduction
EMA Electronic is a professional manufacturer of sense measurement technology and industrial switch, products are divided into three categories: process automation, factory automation and man-machine interface, and is divided into five series: displacement sensor, flow sensor, displacement sensor, AS-i bus system and a control switch. The process automation includes a flow sensor, temperature sensor, pressure sensor and flow sensor, radar wave, guided wave radar material level switch level switch, ultrasonic level meter, rotary paddle level switch, intelligent tuning fork level switch. Factory automation includes intelligent proximity sensors, valve sensors, speed monitors, and AS-i bus systems. The man-machine interface covers the 16/22/25/30mm control switch and the LED multilayer warning light. The full range of products can be widely used in various industrial fields.
Product Series
Proximity sensor, AS-i gateway, AS-i / 24VDC power supply, AS-i repeater, flow sensor, pressure sensor, temperature sensor, radar level gauge, guided wave radar level gauge, ultrasonic level meter, music buzzer, control switch etc.
Application Areas
Medical electronics, instrumentation, communications / network transportation / automotive industry / Automation
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